Why Stage?

In today’s highly competitive housing market, with many alternative choices, home staging has become an important tool to effectively sell houses. It’s primary focus is to improve a property and transform it into a very attractive product. There may be addition/removal of furniture to best compliment the living space, repairing of walls, adding attractive pieces of art to enhance the beauty and many other techniques. Even beautifully decorated homes need to be turned into a merchandised product that enhances the home’s best features. We want to sell quickly for a high return, appealing to a greater number of prospective buyers which will in turn lead to more offers or even multiple offers.

  • First impressions are the key to selling a house. You only have one chance to impress potential buyers and the buyer’s first impressions form as soon as they step into your home. Staging highlights and exemplifies the full potential of your property by incorporating design, art and form techniques to create a lasting and a positive first impression.
  • You want to give homeowners a reason to buy your home. Staging prepares your home to attract the widest market, while making it appealing to the greatest number of prospective buyers.
  • Staging is not only fun, it creates excitement and interest from the beginning, and sets your home apart from the competition. If the property is staged right, it will be exclusive from the rest and will stay in the buyer’s mind for a longer period of time. Properties that have been staged will have a distinct marketing advantage over non- staged homes.
  • Staging your home can maximize the selling price and minimize the number of days on the market.
  • As we now know, almost everything is available online and it is likely that your buyer will be tech-savvy and will begin their search on the internet. This is why staging is a great option since it provides beautiful photos of homes and those photos become their first impression.
  • Staging provides an objective third party to tactfully and respectfully convey to homeowners all the important issues that need to be addressed in order to prepare a property for sale.

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