Holding an Open House

Holding an Open House

There are many steps to follow for a successful Open House. The first three are planning, promotion and presentation. Once you’ve done all that, the only step remaining is to cross your fingers and hope for good weather!

As with most things in real estate, planning is critical to your success. It is optimal to check your calendar and pick a date that will not conflict with any other events that could divert potential buyers. Examples would be, the days before Christmas, everyone is shopping for gifts and spending time with their families. Your open house wouldn’t be on their list. Remember, when it comes to showing appeal, less is more. You want to create an atmosphere of spaciousness and room. Get rid of the clutter to maximize your space. Hold a garage sale, give away furniture that no longer interests you, it will also help when you are moving in!

Remember that a home that looks well kept will create favourable impression, create a lasting first impression. Make sure you trim the grass or shovel the sidewalk as the season requires. Plan on completing all the little chores, tweaks and things that can drive the attention away.

Then it’s time to start promoting! Spread the word, post signs wherever and whenever you can, it will add to the process. Whether it’s direct mail, advertising in Home Guides or the newspaper, or website promotion, your Real Estate representative will effectively promote your event.

For your Open House day, your representative will also counsel you on how to present your home to its best advantage. Leaving on all the lights, having a fire burning in the fireplace, soft background music playing, fresh flowers or plants put out, and maybe some coffee or tea brewing all add to the ambience and make a welcoming impression. But as any real estate professional will tell you, the best thing that you can do to make your open house a success is to get out and stay out! No doubt you’ll get better results when your visitors feel free to poke about, linger, and ask very direct questions of your real estate agent. If you’re present, they’ll feel more constrained, and your sales representative may not even get an opportunity to identify any concerns they may have, and attempt to offer them options and solutions.

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