About Team Urooj

About Team Urooj

We are not your everyday real estate agent, but an end to end service companies which helps you to intelligently make the most crucial purchase of your life. Buying, selling or renting is not a simple transaction but a life changing decision which has an impact on you, your family, schools children go to and friends they make. Our team is a family which you can rely on to advise you on all these issues on top of getting you the best possible solution which fulfills the entire scope of requirement.

Our team consists of competent and experienced professionals who are passionate Canadians and exactly know what are the right steps to take while taking a decision on buying, selling or renting properties. From deciding the locality, to showings, schools districts, distance from work to building offers, staging a home, renovations, home surveys, getting a mortgage to doing all the legal work, we have it covered. We have a specialized team for each step and we are a well knit team and service you till you are settled in your home.

Our Mission

We transform dreams into reality! Team Urooj strives to serve their clients to its fullest ability. We have curated a suite of services those a required for property sales, purchase or rent. This suite helps us serve our clients and leave no loose ends. We speak your language, literally, and make sure there is help or advice available at each step, the whenever required an expert can step in to make it happen. When you become a client of Team Urooj we don’t enter into a commercial contract, but you become a family member of Team Urooj.

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  • About Us

    TeamUrooj is Remax backed company, offering customized real estate solutions to its customers. It is led by Urooj Khan along with a team of professionals who support you through out the most important transaction of your life. We understand your needs and find a way to fulfill it.

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